Thursday, April 7, 2016

Celebrate World Health Day the Rec & Ed Way

Today, April 7, is World Health Day! With the number of people living with diabetes having quadrupled since 1980 to 422 million adults, this year’s campaign focuses on beating diabetes. How much do you know about diabetes? Click for a quiz to test your knowledge!

Rec & Ed can help YOU stay healthy and prevent diabetes. We offer cooking classes and a variety of fitness options to keep you at your best. Consider these choices:

  1. Have “A Yen for Sushi?” This hands-on class with Chef Tom Lin will satisfy your cravings. ID #1695.301

  1. Join Jyothi as she takes you on a journey to northern India, adding new Indian dishes to your cooking repertoire. Mattar Paneer & Chapathi (Vegetarian) is a combined Demo/Hands-On class. ID# 1670.302

The American Diabetes Association recommends a complete routine of physical activity for the prevention of diabetes which can include aerobic exercise, strength training and flexibility exercises. Check out these options:

  1. Cardio Barre Get your heart rate up with this challenging, high-energy and FUN workout! This is a NEW offering for Rec & Ed! ID# 3104.301

  1. Band Strong 41-inch continuous looped resistance bands can help your body achieve your fitness goals. Resistance band training challenges the neuromuscular system to improve strength, movement quality and balance. ID# 3128.301

Throughout Rec & Ed’s 2016 Spring Catalog, you’ll find classes and workshops to help you and your family stay healthy, fit and help prevent diabetes.