Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rec & Ed Annual Report highlights participation and scholarship numbers

How many registrations were there for Rec & Ed's programs in 2014-15? What were Rec & Ed's biggest challenges and successes of the past year? These questions and more were answered in the 2014-15 Annual Report presented to the Board of Education on Dec. 9. 

View the annual report presentation slideshow here: 

We were pleased to have press coverage of the report! Check out this article in the AAPS News and this article in MLive. 


  1. So proud to live in a community with such rich offerings for young and old alike. Way to go A2 Rec and Ed!!!!

  2. Jenna & Team:
    What a well done presentation. It was clear, easy to follow and gave me, a community member, great insight into what Rec & Ed is doing.

    Thank you,
    Susan Crabb