Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rec & Ed thanks Ann Arbor Fire Fighters for visiting Mitchell child care

Guest Blogger Angelita Jacobs, School Age Child Care Supervisor

Thanksgiving week is the perfect time to say "thanks" to Ann Arbor Fire Fighters for their visit to a Rec & Ed child care program during Fire Prevention Week. Earlier this month, Rec & Ed child care students at Mitchell Elementary enjoyed a visit from Station 4 of the Ann Arbor Fire Department. The station 4 firefighters were engaging and fun while delivering an important message for Fire Prevention Week

"The firefighters were very nice and polite"
- Savannah, age 8
History Lesson
First, fire fighters shared the history behind Fire Prevention Week. The week was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which left thousands of people homeless, claimed many lives, burned thousands of acres and destroyed thousands of structures. Since 1922, Fire Prevention Week has been observed each year in early October. 

Fire Safety Tips
The students learned several safety tips, two of the most important being:

  • Families should have a working smoke detector in each bedroom and hallways outside bedrooms -- half of all home fires occur when people are asleep. 
  • Practice makes perfect. Students learned that having a safety plan that includes a meeting space is good, but families need to also practice the plan. 

Drew, age nine, commented, "[The firefighters] were awesome! They told us about fire drills and meeting points." The firefighter gear was impressive to Ja'Nyce, age seven. "They dressed up so we could see how they looked when they go to a fire," she said. 

The Fire Truck (of course)

Hands down, all the children echoed Ja'Nyce's sentiments, "My favorite part was when I got to sit in the firefighter's truck!"

The firefighters' visit was one of many special programs children in Rec & Ed's School Age Child Care program enjoy. Learn more about Rec & Ed Child Care here

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