Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TRIVIA TUESDAY: How many kids played Rec & Ed youth soccer last weekend?

If you were driving past Scarlett Middle School, Wines Elementary or any number of other fields this past weekend, chances are you saw dozens of children playing soccer as part of Rec & Ed's fall recreational soccer program. Parents and kids love our kid-friendly philosophy which means that there are no try outs or cuts, and every child plays in every game.

How many kids played Ann Arbor Rec & Ed soccer last weekend?

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"Our youth soccer program focuses on building skills while having fun," comments Seth Dodson, Team Sports Manager. "It's also a great community-builder, with kids and parents getting to know each other. Many of our teams grow up together in the program." 

One of our many fall soccer teams! 

The answer is a staggering 2,020

And how many games did the 2,020 youth play? 83.

We're extremely proud to run a program that supports fun physical activity for over two thousand kids every weekend. Learn more about Rec & Ed's youth team sports programs here

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