Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Top 8 questions about after school classes answered

Help your child enjoy after school enrichment

Rec & Ed's after school classes are designed for your child to learn through fun. Your child can develop friendships and enjoy directed activities that support exploration and achievement. Our diverse selection of after school classes reflects our commitment to promoting well-being among children in our community. 

After School Science Fun with Ann Arbor Hands On Museum
We frequently hear the questions below, but if you have a different question, please do contact Ivy at 734-994-2300 x 53248.

Q1. When is the best time to enroll my child?
Enroll your child at least several days in advance of the start of the class to ensure that you have time to let your child’s teacher and the school know that your child is attending the class. If your child is enrolled in the child care program at your school, please inform the child care staff, too.

Save $10 by enrolling in after school classes before September 14 or 21, depending on the class start date. 

Q2. How do I find out more and sign up?

Q3.  Is financial help available?
Rec & Ed is proud to offer scholarships to residents of the Ann Arbor Public School District who meet specific very low HUD income guidelines. More information and application available at **Please allow two weeks for approval process.

Q4. How does my child’s teacher know that my child is attending an after school class?
Please send a note or email to your child's teacher explaining that your child is enrolled in a Rec & Ed after school program. Provide the class name, day of week and dates, so the teacher can remind your child to go to class. Also, it helps to inform your school secretary as well as child care staff, if your child is enrolled in that program.

Q5. How does my child get to the after school class?
When the bell rings, students walk to the classroom where the class is held. School staff are in the hallways ensuring that your child gets to the right room. The instructor will be standing outside the classroom door to welcome and check in the children.

Q6. What else can I do to support my child?
Be sure to remind your child that he/she has an after school class that day. Speak to the instructor about any special needs or ways to support your child. We also welcome your call at 734-994-2300; ask to speak to Sally or Ivy. 
At the end of the class, please come to the classroom to sign out your child and interact with the instructor
After School Flag Football with One on One Sports
Q7. Can my child walk home?
If a parent has provided a signed permission slip, older children (usually 3rd grade and older) may sign themselves out and walk home.

Q8. Who should I notify if my child has an appointment and cannot attend an after school class?
Call the Rec & Ed office @ 944-2300 ext. 0 to let us know. A supervisor will then let the instructor know that your child will not be at class that day. If you do not notify Rec & Ed, you will get a call from Rec & Ed staff asking the whereabouts of your child.

Other Questions?  Contact Ivy at Rec & Ed 734-994-2300 x 53248.

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