Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rec & Ed’s aqua fitness classes are back this fall!

Rec & Ed is offering a variety of Aqua Fitness classes this fall at the newly-reopened Scarlett and Forsythe Middle School pools. Look for popular returning Rec & Ed instructors and new instructors -- all are experienced, certified, and excited to help you work out in the water.

Choose from 6 sensational classes

New to aqua fitness? The top 3 classes provide fitness and fun.

  1. Aqua Fit with Jennifer Varajon at Scarlett pool - Get fit while having fun.
  2. Aqua Pilates with Miranda Cummings at Scarlett pool - Improve core strength & posture.
  3. Aqua Zumba with Mesha Terrell at Scarlett pool - Join the pool party full of cardio dance.

Classes 4 and 5 offer a more intense workout.
Work out in the water with Donna Kujat to challenge
your strength, speed and stamina.

  1. H2O Circuits  with Nancy Herlocker at Forsythe pool - Get a great workout at your own pace.
  2. H2O Hiit Boot Camp with Donna Kujat at Scarlett pool - High Intensity Interval Training.

And finally, a class that's perfect for people with arthritis, who are recovering from an injury, or just prefer a more gentle form of exercise.

  1. Therapeutic Deep Water with Nancy Herlocker at High Point - Gentle exercise in a warm pool.

See you at the pool this fall! 

Questions? Contact Victoria at cendrowv@a2schools.org or leave a message at 734-994-2300, ext. 53149.

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