Friday, August 28, 2015

After school classes provide social & academic support (+ save $10 with early bird registration)

Guest Blogger Sally Searls, Lifelong Learning Manager

Research continues to show that out-of-school time enrichment and recreational activities help kids socially and academically. Quality after school activities aren’t just “something to do” until a parent/guardian is available – they provide essential experiences for youth development.

That’s why we at Rec & Ed are so proud of our expanded after school programs. 

In our fall listing of after school classes, you’ll find:

Hands-on experience in Nutty Scientists' class.

• STEAM-based Science and Technology classes that support children’s curiosity about science, technology, engineering, art and math with new themes each term.

• Art classes such as the Power of Drawing to increase visual skills, creativity and use of the right side of the brain.

• Opportunities to learn chess, the perfect game for developing concentration, problem solving, and strategic thinking skills.

• Sports activities to promote exercise and help children develop physical skills, reach goals, and learn teamwork.

Save $10 Early Bird Savings for After School Classes

This fall we are discounting all of our youth classes for elementary-age children, as well as selected adult classes. One of our goals is to make enrichment classes more available to our participants. By offering a $10 discount per class we decrease the cost of our already affordable classes so more children and adults can enroll. View the Rec & Ed Fall Catalog for classes and fees.

Guest Blogger Sally Searls, Lifelong Learning Division Manager, has worked for the Ann Arbor Public Schools for over 30 years. During this time she has organized school clubs, after school classes, and summer camps for children in the Ann Arbor schools. One of her goals has been to provide safe, quality programs to as many children as possible. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rec & Ed’s aqua fitness classes are back this fall!

Rec & Ed is offering a variety of Aqua Fitness classes this fall at the newly-reopened Scarlett and Forsythe Middle School pools. Look for popular returning Rec & Ed instructors and new instructors -- all are experienced, certified, and excited to help you work out in the water.

Choose from 6 sensational classes

New to aqua fitness? The top 3 classes provide fitness and fun.

  1. Aqua Fit with Jennifer Varajon at Scarlett pool - Get fit while having fun.
  2. Aqua Pilates with Miranda Cummings at Scarlett pool - Improve core strength & posture.
  3. Aqua Zumba with Mesha Terrell at Scarlett pool - Join the pool party full of cardio dance.

Classes 4 and 5 offer a more intense workout.
Work out in the water with Donna Kujat to challenge
your strength, speed and stamina.

  1. H2O Circuits  with Nancy Herlocker at Forsythe pool - Get a great workout at your own pace.
  2. H2O Hiit Boot Camp with Donna Kujat at Scarlett pool - High Intensity Interval Training.

And finally, a class that's perfect for people with arthritis, who are recovering from an injury, or just prefer a more gentle form of exercise.

  1. Therapeutic Deep Water with Nancy Herlocker at High Point - Gentle exercise in a warm pool.

See you at the pool this fall! 

Questions? Contact Victoria at or leave a message at 734-994-2300, ext. 53149.