Tuesday, July 7, 2015

National poll: youth sports promote social-emotional development [NPR Audio Link]

Jenna Bacolor, Executive Director, Ann Arbor Rec & Ed

Last week, an NPR story on a national "Sports and Health" survey had me sitting in my parked car until it ended. The poll of adults covered adult sports participation and parental opinions on their children's participation in sports. 

In just a few minutes, the story covered all of the reasons we at Rec & Ed invest in youth and adult sports. 

Yes, team sports provide excellent opportunities for youth to be physically active, become more agile and develop better coordination. But the story also talked about the social and emotional benefits of sports participation. 

The chart above shows other ways that parents felt sports benefited their child. The majority of parents believed that sports participation benefited their children in specific social-emotional areas, such as discipline/dedication, how to get along with other people, mental health, and social life. Many parents and experts also believe that the skills kids develop by participating on a team can lead to success on work teams and other adult experiences.

Ann Arbor Rec & Ed's youth team sports programs emphasize team work, learning the game and fun. Our coaches help children learn how to handle wins and losses gracefully and how to practice for improvement. With our kid-friendly policy, there are no cuts, and all kids play at each game. Online registration is now open for fall youth soccervolleyball and field hockey. Register by July 20 and save $10.00!

Listen to the story here:  
Our adult team sports program provides those 18 and over with opportunities to continue playing the sports they love while socializing and staying physically active. We strive to keep our prices low and offer scholarships so all can participate. 

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