Tuesday, January 27, 2015

City of Ann Arbor's new park smoking ban is a win for Rec & Ed participants

Jenna Bacolor, Executive Director, Rec & Ed

Visitors to 77 of Ann Arbor's city parks will need to refrain from smoking beginning February 1, when the new park smoking ban goes into effect. Ann Arbor joins numerous cities -- including New York, Chicago, and Houston -- in making municipal park spaces smoke-free. 

"The ordinance is intended to protect the health of our park visitors, many of whom are children, by reducing exposure to secondhand smoke [and] keeping our parks clean by reducing litter," said Parks Advisory Commission Chair David Santacroce.

So what does this have to do with Rec & Ed? 

As an 80+ year partner with the city, Rec & Ed uses numerous city fields for its t-ball, baseball, softball, and kickball leagues. All 27 city fields that Rec & Ed leagues play on are covered in the smoking ban. 

A Rec & Ed baseball team gets ready to play
at Veteran's Park, a city field.

Ann Arbor Public Schools' outdoor fields have been smoke-free for years; the city smoking ban now makes all ball fields that Rec & Ed uses for youth and adult sports smoke free. 

Children and families can enjoy playing in Rec & Ed's leagues without breathing second hand smoke or seeing people smoking or littering cigarette butts -- that's a win-win for everyone. 

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