Monday, November 24, 2014

SLIDESHOW: Singaporeans visit Challenge Island after school class

Jenna Bacolor, Executive Director, Rec & Ed

Finally, it was my turn! After touring several AAPS middle and high schools, on Nov. 13 the Singapore delegation visited one of Rec & Ed's after school elementary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). I was happy to show off!

Challenge Island is a new class that we're offering in partnership with Challenge Island - Ann Arbor. The curriculum uses a fun framework -- survival on Shark Tooth Island -- to engage children in hands-on, project-based learning around STEAM concepts.

Thursday's class started with an interactive lesson on the concept of flotation. Students learned the terms "buoyancy" and "hull" (as in hull of a ship) and how hull shape affects flotation. The instructor showed them various objects (an apple, golf ball, leaf and a penny) and asked the kids to guess which would float and why. 

After the lesson, students got into their teams and worked on three challenges around floatation. The students soon forgot about the visitors watching and focused intently on their tasks. The teams chanted numbers as a team member dropped pennies into their boats.

Rec & Ed's Winter After School Classes -- including STEAM offerings like Challenge Island -- will be posted here on Dec. 1. On-line registration begins Dec. 15 and classes begin in January. 

How does Rec & Ed relate to the Toyota-funded AAPS Singapore exchange program? Learn why I traveled to Singapore with the AAPS delegation in July. I also wrote about what I learned that can be applied to Rec & Ed programs in my "insider" blogs: Singa-blog 1, Singa-blog 2 and Singa-blog 3.

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