Monday, September 15, 2014

AAPS teacher hooked on Rec & Ed yoga classes

Guest Blogger Victoria Cendrowski, Rec & Ed Fitness Supervisor and Instructor, interviews long-time yoga participant and teacher Cindy Johengen.

Cindy Johengen is one of the best teachers I know. She has been teaching for Ann Arbor Public schools for 27 years and was recently selected to teach at the new STEAM at Northside school. I met her years ago at Allen Elementary school where my daughter Chelsea attended. Cindy has been taking yoga classes through Rec & Ed for 12 years.

• What are your favorite things about taking Rec & Ed yoga classes? 

“My Rec and Ed yoga classes are taught by teachers who are holistic and caring. Classes between the two teachers are flexible, allowing participants to catch make-up classes as needed. My yoga teachers started a monthly Saturday Karma yoga class to sponsor favorite charities. This is a wonderful community of friends who love yoga and want to raise money and awareness for special charities.” 

Cindy at a recent yoga class.
Photo credit: Dwight Cendrowski.
• Would you recommend these classes to your fellow AAPS teachers? 

“I regularly tell the story of my first ever yoga class through Rec & Ed. It was offered after school in my building because of the yoga instructor’s concern for the teachers’ well-being. Her focus on stress reduction through a mindful practice was just what I needed. I was hooked from that first class twelve years ago and have never missed a term. I will continue my practice as a lifelong endeavor and have encouraged many to do the same by joining our regular and Karma yoga classes.” 

At a recent Karma Yoga class, Cindy expressed how important it is to keep doing her yoga practice. Chelsea and I both agree. It promotes wellness and keeps stress in check. 

Cindy recommends Yoga Pilates and Power Yoga Pilates. Registration is open now for the fall session. See class locations, times and register here. 

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