Thursday, August 14, 2014

Singa-blog 3: We get digested at the Science Center Singapore

This is one in a series of blog posts about Executive Director Jenna Bacolor's study trip to Singapore as part of the AAPS Toyota STEAM Delegation. (See part 1 here and part 2 here.)

The Science Center of Singapore (SCS) has all the bells, whistles and dinosaurs that you'd expect in a world-class science facility. As part of the Singapore Ministry of Education, both the center and its extensive enrichment programs are funded by the government and are free or low-cost for students (yes, I had a jealous moment). We visited one of the special enrichment programs, Science Ahoy!, as part of our visit. 

How enrichment fits into the Singaporean STEM "Theory of Success"

Singaporeans are excellent conceptual model-makers. This slide shows how STEM enrichment (shown in arrows pointing to the central model) contributes to their Theory of Success. 

This model impressed me because it shows a reinforcing loop between student's aspiration for STEM careers and a positive impact on the economy. 

The Science Center of Singapore's "STEM Inc." enrichment
programs are valued aspects of its Theory of Success.

And...we are chewed up and spit out

Our visit to the Science Center included a trip through The Human Body Experience, a large, accurate, educational body model. Let me tell you, there were some tight squeezes! 

Brave AAPS teachers start the exhibit by
climbing into the giant mouth. 
Inside the interactive heart.

An unidentified AAPS staff person
became stuck in the digestive system.
We rescued him safely. 
Somehow, being inside this huge human body replica brought out some of the more, say, playful urges among a few people in our delegation. 

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