Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Slideshow: Summer campers help beautify the Eberbach Cultural Arts Building

For the past several months, Rec & Ed Cultural Arts supervisor Lisa Wigal has been working diligently with City of Ann Arbor staff to spiff up the Eberbach Cultural Arts Building (CAB). The CAB is a Burns Park neighborhood gem that draws youth and adults from all over the community. 

Since 2009, Rec & Ed has leased the building from the City and provided all programming. The building's dance studio, ceramics studio, and two art rooms are used year-round for Rec & Ed youth and adult arts classes and camps.

Summer Campers and High School Volunteers help plant and decorate new garden

Our Art in Nature summer camp in June offered young campers the opportunity to design garden artwork, fairy houses, and other nature-related artwork. Two high school volunteers, the campers, and the program staff planted a flower garden with room for campers' artistic creations. 

Check out this slideshow of the Art in Nature camp and new CAB garden!

On the Cultural Art Building's interior, fresh paint, repairs, updated bulletin boards and new exterior doors leading to the parking lot have brightened the whole building. 

"It's been an exciting and rewarding experience to be involved in the improvements," said Lisa. "The goal is to continue creating a visually welcoming environment for our community." 

In July our Dance, Art & Drama summer camp participants will make stepping stones to be placed in the garden. Swing by the CAB building this summer and take a look!

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