Monday, April 14, 2014

Beloved Rec&Ed music instructor Joe Zsigray passes away

Jenna Bacolor, Executive Director, Community Education and Recreation

Rec&Ed staff were saddened to learn of instructor Joe Zsigray's recent death. For over ten years, Joe taught one-day music workshops to Rec & Ed participants who wanted to learn to play ukulele, harmonica, and mountain dulcimer. He was scheduled to teach for us this spring. 

Linda Brzezinski, Rec&Ed's Adult Enrichment Supervisor who worked with most closely with Joe over the years, told me that "He was always happy -- he really enjoyed sharing his passion for music. Many people took all of his classes." Over the last few years, "As ukulele has become more popular, his classes would fill and we'd need to add a section," she said.

Joe's students feel the same way. We've received an outpouring from his students, who expressed how much he meant to them:  
"Joe was a patient, kind, supportive, and enthusiastic teacher. I was astounded by how much I learned in two hours!"
"Joe was well organized and gave us a great start - now I just have to practice!"
Joe shared his love of music with
hundreds of people in Ann Arbor.
View his obituary here: 

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