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School Age Child Care celebrates March Is Reading Month with flair and fun

One of the things parents love about Rec&Ed's School Age Child Care program is the way it reinforces classroom learning. This month, our child care sites are mirroring school-day activities by celebrating March Is Reading Month with literacy games, contests and other fun events. 

Here's a sampling of March Is Reading Month activities happening in Rec&Ed's child care programs:

Reading goals and contests
At Angell Elementary, after school child care students have set a goal to collectively read 5,000 pages during the month of March. Special activities include weekly "bring your furry friend" days to enjoy reading to a favorite stuffed animal. As of March 19, students had read  2,050 pages! 

3rd grader Bregon has already logged many pages
toward Angell's March is Reading Month goal of 5,000 pages.
Allen Elementary child care supervisor Erica says, "I have double-challenged the children. The older children are racing me to finish a chapter book. My book is over 400 pages and some of theirs are well over 300. As an aftercare group, we are trying to read 12,000 minutes and if they reach their goal, we are going to have a party."

The child care programs at Bryant and Wines are also doing page reading contests, with special prizes at the end.

Scavenger hunt
Bach after school child care supervisor Zac reported that their scavenger hunt for books was a huge success. "In an effort to get all the children excited to read, we wrote out clues for the students (which they had to read) taking them all over the school and ending back in the child care room where they were all able to pick a donated book to keep. All children loved running down the halls and finding the next clue." 

Bach's after school childcare kids celebrate their
scavenger hunt treasures.
The prize at the end? Each child chose a book to keep from a box of donated books!

Sight word bingo
Children in the K-1 child care program at Ann Arbor Open are playing bingo to reinforce sight words they learn during the day. The supervisor created the game by writing common sight words on recycled business cards and making corresponding bingo game sheets. Children take turns being the "caller," i.e. drawing the sight word cards and saying the word. 

Sharing Favorite Books 
At Logan Elementary's before school child care program, a few students each day talk to the group about their favorite book. They give a brief summary and encourage others to read it. One child recently shared The Phoenix File series by Chris Morphew.

Kudos to all the kids and child care staff who are celebrating March is Reading Month!

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