Monday, January 13, 2014

What last week's flood at Rec&Ed's office means for you

What happened?
During the District's snow days last week, a coil broke in one of our ceiling heating units. Hot black water gushed down into the Team Sports hallway. 

Although this has happened to different heating units in the three years we've been located at Pioneer, this time no one was there to call the Facilities department to get the water turned off.

The water poured out of the ceiling for at least 24 hours, until one staff person braved the frigid temps and icy roads to come to work on a snow day.

This is what she found:

Black water filled the 
Team Sports area...

...and our Lifelong Learning offices. 

Several of us came to the office on Wednesday (the final day the district was closed) to survey the damage and work with AAPS Facilities staff to plan and clean. 

In the late afternoon that day, yet another ceiling unit blew, pouring water into the School-Age Child Care staff area. This time, we were able call to Facilities and get the water turned off within 15 minutes. 

Where are Rec&Ed staff working?
The damage to floors, furniture, computers and even cubicle walls was so extensive that we had to relocate about 20 Rec&Ed staff. Several Team Sports staff and all Child Care Coordinators are working in a room on the other side of E-hall from Rec&Ed. Others have moved within our main office, sitting at stations usually reserved for interns or storage. 

I'm so proud of Rec&Ed staff for cleaning out their soggy offices and getting back to work in new locations within 24 hours. Everyone pitched in to make this as smooth and painless as possible. Three cheers for this remarkable, dedicated group with whom I have the honor of working!

We also are grateful for the support we received from our District IT staff. Merri Lynn Colligan (Executive Director of Instructional Technology) helped rescue computers on Wednesday. Other IT staff were in our office all day Thursday testing computers and getting computers and phones relocated. In addition, many Facilities staff have been on hand every day to tear out damaged materials.

What it means for our Rec&Ed participants
Almost all of our Rec&Ed winter programs will run as planned. The one exception is our Youth Basketball program. Because of the three snow days, we had to delay the start of youth basketball by one week. Contact Seth Dodson for more information. 

Even while our staff work from different locations, we are dedicated to maintaining our high standards of customer service. Please be patient during the next few weeks; there may be communication delays as staff work at stations away from their files and other materials they need to provide information or make decisions. The best way to contact Team Sports and Lifelong Learning staff is by email. Click here for an alphabetical list of Rec&Ed staff. 

As always, we thank you for your support! 

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