Monday, September 16, 2013

Coming soon to an elementary school near you!

Last spring, almost 600 elementary parents responded to our After School Programming Survey to tell us if Rec&Ed’s classes were meeting their needs. We followed up with a focus group to get more nuanced feedback and suggestions from parents.

The survey offered several categories (Art, Dance, Sports, Classes, Music, Languages) in which parents could say "yes," they would strongly consider signing up their child for a class in that topic.  Answering "yes" opened up a submenu under each category to give more specific input. Parents could choose as many topics as they liked. 

Results showed continued support for some of our long-running programs as well as interest in new areas. Under the sports category, the top answers were basketball, soccer (our usual offerings) plus a new obstacle course after school program. The "Classes" category showed continued demand for Chess, Lego Bricks and Lego Robotics, and Yoga. Parents who said "yes" to more after school art were primarily interested in drawing and painting for their children. There was also continued interest in our Little Bands program and several languages. Many parents also commented that they were interested in after school science programming for their kids. 

All of the results led us to new community partnerships and offerings for this fall. Here are some of the new programs you'll see at our new After School Class easy registration page:

  • We’re expanding our teamwork building, physically active Obstacle Dash program to 15 elementary schools and 5 middle schools. We piloted this program at 4 elementary schools last spring using our Michigan Dept of Community Health funding
  • Many parents expressed an interest in more art, so we’re offering a new Power of Drawing class at 12 elementary schools. We also have new topics and projects for our continuing “After School Art” classes at 6 schools.
  • Another new offering is being offered at 10 schools: “Crazy Chemworks,” an after school science class focused on chemistry.
  • We also are expanding our youth Lego and Kid Yoga classes to more schools.
For all of the above (and our traditional after school programming), we’re trying out some new marketing efforts within the school district. One strategy is a new, easy-to-use webpage dedicated to all AAPS elementary after school classes. Parents can easily find which programs are offered on specific days at their children's school. 

Are you an elementary parent? Let us know which method of outreach works best for you!

Comments are welcome. Please note: comments are moderated and it may be a few minutes before yours appears. 

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  1. I think the color-coded chart is great, and the class selection offers a wonderful balance. Crazy Chemworks?! Sign me up! -Angie Parsons