Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3 ways Rec&Ed will improve your customer experience this fall

I'm really excited to announce three improvements that we hope will positively impact all of our participants. We focused on your experience visiting our office and website. You’ll notice 3 big changes:

1. Drum roll, please! NEW Rec&Ed websiteWhen I took this position a little over a year ago, people I knew in the community would sometimes pull me aside and say, "You've got to do something about the Rec&Ed website!" Staff have been planning a website transformation for some time, and this fall we'll roll it out in phases. Our clunky RecNet registration process is now an easier, more modern interface  -- just in time for registration for fall classes and programs.  See picture below and click here to check it out. Within the next few months, we’ll unveil the rest of our new website. Our goal is a cleaner look, fewer clicks to get where you need to go, and more convenient registration. (Tip: registration is now smart phone friendly.)
Easier, cleaner-looking registration pages!

2. More dedicated customer parking spots. How many times have you dashed into the Rec&Ed office to turn in a registration form, drop off equipment, etc.? Up till now, we’ve only had two spots marked specifically for customers. Not anymore! Our parking lot has undergone a customer-focused transformation. The eight spots closest to the front door now are designated as customer only.

Rec&Ed's "Mud Pit" Committee

3. From Mud Pit to Rain Garden. Visitors who look to the right of our front door often notice a mucky area where run-off from the parking lot collects. Last spring we even hosted a lovely Mallard couple in our “Mud Pit.” To beautify this area and handle run-off more effectively, we’re transforming our Mud Pit into an eco-friendly rain garden featuring native plants. Of course, ducks, butterflies, birds, and human visitors will still be welcome. Are you able to donate some perennials from your yard to the cause? Click here for more information.

The Rain Garden creation has been a labor of love by a group of dedicated
Ready for plants after the first workday

Rec&Ed employees with support from the Pioneer PTSO, Vert Verde Landscape Architecture, the Washtenaw County Rain Garden Assistance Program, Poseidon Ponds and Landscaping, A&M Services and many community volunteers.  Thanks to all of the people who’ve gotten us this far! Want to help? Contact Robin at

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  1. This new service Rocks Jenna!!! Congrats! You may want to consider having a requirement of commenters posting their names!?

  2. Love the new easy registration process on the website! Thanks!!!!
    -Tara Cavanaugh

  3. I am especially excited to hear about the easier online registration and... rain garden! I will have to stop by and check it out the new space. -Lily Guzman

  4. I love the new registration website! It is much sleeker and easier to navigate than the previous one. I'm also excited to see how the rain garden progresses - great idea! -Angie Parsons

  5. Love the new website - so sleek and easy to navigate! Also, kudos on the rain garden. What a great idea! -Angie Parsons

  6. Good stuff on this blog - and beautiful registration site. Thanks, rec & ed!